This work is dedicated to all the fanatics who hit the gym before the sun comes up, who sit down and beat out their words or their pages every night, who find a way to make the numbers work for their startup. This is for those who are too dumb to stop, who don’t have a plan B, who keep pushing through the blood and the mud and the tears.

This is for the grinders.


Something else: There’s a lot of smut in here, I won’t deny it. There’s also a lot of cursing and bullshit and bad living. I’m not arrogant enough to justify any of it: I create what I enjoy. Maybe you enjoy this stuff too—just don’t try it at home! Drama’s a helluva lot of fun to watch, not so much to live. I don’t hold up any of these characters as a model for anyone to emulate (well, maybe Donna, lol), but I do love them in my twisted way, and if you’ve got something to say about how they’re living I trust your comments will also come from a place of love—however twisted—as well.

I choose to surround myself with beautiful people striving to create beautiful things. Let’s get to work.


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