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Author Notes:

lirvilas 28th Jul 2020, 9:01 PM edit delete
Hrgh, need some more screen time for Naomi... stand by for tomorrow's short comic.
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Phoenix In Crisis 28th Jul 2020, 9:56 PM edit delete reply
Phoenix In Crisis
Awww, that was rather sweet in a Donna Panks sorta way!
lirvilas 29th Jul 2020, 8:02 PM edit delete reply
Donna would like some friends who aren't hypersexualized parochial lunatics (or trying to sleep with said lunatics).
Microraptor 28th Jul 2020, 10:16 PM edit delete reply
WWII era Anvil Flats!
That was even before Cold War era Anvil Flats!
Too bad the crew of Camilla's ship never went there back in the day...
lirvilas 29th Jul 2020, 8:04 PM edit delete reply
Yeah, the theme of this chapter is the place that they are in, which location-wise is the little town of Anvil Flats, IL.

Maybe I need to test my chops at some landscape/panoramic shots next week... hmmm
NeilKapit 28th Jul 2020, 11:45 PM edit delete reply
It’s as American as alien autopsies
lirvilas 29th Jul 2020, 8:05 PM edit delete reply

impossible burger didn't invent itself
Mrremoraman 30th Jul 2020, 4:10 AM edit delete reply
I sense a bonding experience on the horizon...
sigpig 30th Jul 2020, 8:21 AM edit delete reply
Some say "bonding", some say "b9ndage"...
lirvilas 30th Jul 2020, 10:15 PM edit delete reply
ball gags: the Panks household's mute button
BlueDragon 11th Nov 2020, 7:47 PM edit delete reply
It's not so hard to say you enjoy someone's COMPANY!

wha wha...

But seriously, Maggie needs to stay :3 :3
lirvilas 11th Nov 2020, 7:56 PM edit delete reply
Maggie's a permanent acquisition long term loan from Autumn Bay