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New Infinite Scroll Mode Grinder$ coffee mugs and more!

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lirvilas 21st Dec 2020, 9:01 PM edit delete
ain't this a stereotypical "Lirv" page

eh, I gotta get all this "plot" out of my system before 2020 ends

as I suspect next year will be a bit light on that
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KidCthulhu 21st Dec 2020, 9:03 PM edit delete reply
Holy shit! o_O
Microraptor 21st Dec 2020, 9:16 PM edit delete reply
Ah, that's Gus' whole angle here!

Also, I wonder if the last resting place of Elliot Maerc('s penis) is the same graveyard where Timmy III is.
(At the very least, it looks like they got their gravestones from the same, uh... gravestone... shop...)
lirvilas 21st Dec 2020, 10:09 PM edit delete reply
Prof? Soph? This would be a good time to drop your ten cents!

I'm going to say that Mason Hills Cemetery fills the role in Autumn Bay of Cavalry Cemetery in the City. (see comments below) Now, why Maerc's... remains would be buried in Autumn Bay is something requiring a bit more clarification...
ProfEtheric 26th Dec 2020, 6:21 PM edit delete reply
The cemetery you are looking for is likely the Roosevelt Cemetery, located on the west side of Roosevelt Grove just outside downtown.

The Mason Hills cemetery is, like most things in that neighborhood, a bit run down and out of vogue. Also, overrun with gang members.
lirvilas 26th Dec 2020, 6:25 PM edit delete reply
@Micro: you heard him! Roosevelt Cemetery it is!

@Prof: Thank you! Also, that's gotta be a pretty messed up gang to spend their days admiring monuments...
Microraptor 26th Dec 2020, 11:18 PM edit delete reply
Welcome back, Prof, and thank you for the info!
(This means we can actually pinpoint the cemetery on the map!)
SchipLover 21st Dec 2020, 10:23 PM edit delete reply
Maybe I am missing something here, but if 500 million samolians doesn't impress you, sell off the unit. (Unless you you know something that you are holding back.) How are your people supposed to operate in that kind of an atmosphere?

Reminds me of a boss I once had who got totally pissed off at a project stating that he would never approve of such a thing. When a paper was brought forward with his signature on it approving the project, his excuse was, " I don't have time to read everything I sign." His boss got rid of him shortly after that. An office party ensued almost immediately.
lirvilas 21st Dec 2020, 10:43 PM edit delete reply
Oh dude, that boss was a dumbass. I'm sorry you had to work under a douche like that. Confidence (later expressed as arrogance) will get you a long ways, but straight up laughing and owning mistakes will go a long ways towards creating a culture where your people own up to their own mistakes.

As far as "five hundred million" being chump change, 1) Tyler is originally from Sales, so you can bet that this deal isn't a sure thing yet; 2) Revenue is not the same as profit, the company might be barely breaking even on this; 3) Export controls/politicians can stomp on arms deals 4) etc etc. But also Augustus is beating Tyler up because he went against his explicit wishes and used Donna again.
Larry Lewis 22nd Dec 2020, 3:31 PM edit delete reply
Clearly I'm missing something. WHAT "dead woman"?
lirvilas 22nd Dec 2020, 3:38 PM edit delete reply
apologies, that's me lapsing into self-referential stuff; you don't need to read the link as long as you understand that this Tona Zehm person is feared, despised, and dead.
Larry Lewis 22nd Dec 2020, 3:47 PM edit delete reply
Cool, and thanks for so prompt a reply!
BlueDragon 23rd Jan 2021, 12:21 PM edit delete reply
Oh ho ho ho! Now THAT's an interesting twist...

And now I'm wondering IF perhaps....some super natural stuff is going to happen (don't feel obligated to placate this silly thought).

Love the atmosphere and establishing shot of the city night :3
lirvilas 23rd Jan 2021, 12:51 PM edit delete reply
yeah, I can't friggin' help myself, waking the dead is a long-running (since I dunno, 2015?) theme in the so-called "Lirverse"