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New Infinite Scroll Mode Grinder$ coffee mugs and more!

Author Notes:

lirvilas 27th Feb 2021, 5:01 PM edit delete
Hey folks, apologies for the slow load times. Dreamhost is falling down on the job something serious. It is most inopportune considering my limited "bandwidth"--take that how you will.
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argylefox 27th Feb 2021, 5:21 PM edit delete reply
I'd have thought the explosion would've been nuclear after that comment.
lirvilas 28th Feb 2021, 4:34 PM edit delete reply
eh, it's merely a personal attack

gotta save the big guns for blasphemy
Octopus Ink 27th Feb 2021, 5:35 PM edit delete reply
Octopus Ink
That could've gone better.
At least no blood was shed.
lirvilas 28th Feb 2021, 4:34 PM edit delete reply
Andrew_C 27th Feb 2021, 5:41 PM edit delete reply
I'm surprised MJ hasn't gone all righteous fury of God on her ass yet.
lirvilas 28th Feb 2021, 9:17 AM edit delete reply
killin' ninjas or meth-fueled neonazis is one thing

whackin' smartass civilians is another thing
Microraptor 27th Feb 2021, 5:52 PM edit delete reply
Seems that MJ just went all Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch!
lirvilas 28th Feb 2021, 4:35 PM edit delete reply
well, her and Chuck are certainly going the "multiply like bunnies" route
jamie59 27th Feb 2021, 7:26 PM edit delete reply
Come MJ she has a point. Would Chuck have been as good at curling your toes without her?
lirvilas 28th Feb 2021, 9:18 AM edit delete reply
the thing is, MJ's no blushing virgin either

not by a long sight
KidCthulhu 28th Feb 2021, 9:44 AM edit delete reply
For a second, I didn't think that explosion was metaphorical...
lirvilas 28th Feb 2021, 4:36 PM edit delete reply
that's my other comics

maaaaaaan I'm soooo glad I didn't have to make "Let It Ride: Volume Six: Insurgency Nation"
MikeLinPA 1st Mar 2021, 8:17 AM edit delete reply
I know I'm dense sometimes, but I don't understand the last panel.

Please, and Thank You
lirvilas 1st Mar 2021, 10:06 AM edit delete reply
eh, not your fault, you're suffering from my bad pacing because I can't make 5 comics a week due to reasons

"Donna got Stonecastle so mad that she (metaphorically) exploded, tanking their deal with her church"

anyway, I'll get us out of this bog shortly enough. we'll get back to rude girls in bikinis, thank god