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Infinite Scroll Mode Grinder$ coffee mugs and more!

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lirvilas 16th May 2021, 11:11 PM edit delete
plot plot plot
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Octopus Ink 16th May 2021, 11:19 PM edit delete reply
Octopus Ink
I wonder if our young barista knows exactly what a potentially powerful place she has in the world right now.
lirvilas 17th May 2021, 7:11 AM edit delete reply
eh, she will in a few

KidCthulhu 17th May 2021, 5:34 AM edit delete reply
So the potential savior is Kerri? Oh boy...
lirvilas 17th May 2021, 7:12 AM edit delete reply
you ever name a chapter and then shoehorn in a reason why?

discovery writing ftw
Ariane Eldar 17th May 2021, 5:44 AM edit delete reply
Ariane Eldar
You would have to chloroform me first to get them on me!
lirvilas 17th May 2021, 7:13 AM edit delete reply
there is the possibility that Janet Brigham joined the military so she wouldn't have to learn how to dress herself
SchipLover 17th May 2021, 8:00 AM edit delete reply
The thing about the military is that your wardrobe is already established as well as what to wear for all occasions. One just has to learn how to put it on correctly.
sigpig 17th May 2021, 10:54 AM edit delete reply
As a 30-year Veteran, I can confirm.
Ariane Eldar 17th May 2021, 8:46 AM edit delete reply
Ariane Eldar
Quite-quite possible! I could name some more devotchkas here that should join the army, spank me!
Microraptor 17th May 2021, 11:44 AM edit delete reply
Oh, I know this kind of cumulative fetch quest...
First they have to find out what Kerri wants, in order for her to spit out that vital information...
(And in the end, they have to figure out how to get their hands on a truckload of yoga pants.)

Also, I think it's very clear what the guy in panel 2 wants!
(Yikes! Watch out, Naomi!!)
Spellodello 17th May 2021, 3:24 PM edit delete reply
Well, yoga pants make the world go round, they certainly make eyes go round the figure wearing them.
SchipLover 17th May 2021, 8:07 PM edit delete reply
And yoga pants don't lie...
lirvilas 17th May 2021, 8:24 PM edit delete reply

this is pretty much the most fan service y'all will ever get for BG Brigham

unless your "thing" is female general officers with nuclear launch authority
SchipLover 18th May 2021, 3:50 PM edit delete reply
Sounds like another "Big Bang" theory.
BUMBLEBEE 17th May 2021, 11:10 PM edit delete reply
I think I read "Upward Dog" is on the new PT test...

I googled upward dog... I wouldn't know what a yoga was if I stepped in it
BlueDragon 22nd Jun 2021, 7:25 PM edit delete reply
XD I love the last panel in particular XD