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lirvilas 1st Feb 2022, 11:13 PM edit delete
whatever you're thinking Jen

that's a baaaaad idea


Also the voting incentive updated yesterday!
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KidCthulhu 2nd Feb 2022, 5:57 AM edit delete reply
Well, if Tyler's wife can get cozy with Donna after hot tub & booze, I guess she can do the same with Jen.

Still not a good idea, though.
lirvilas 2nd Feb 2022, 7:07 PM edit delete reply
sometimes the standard is too low
sherbettcat 2nd Feb 2022, 6:08 AM edit delete reply
Jen, Donna is not a great role model, m'kay?
lirvilas 2nd Feb 2022, 7:08 PM edit delete reply
oh, Jen has come to realize that, unfortunately her readiness to differ with Donna is manifesting in the wrong way at the wrong time
Microraptor 2nd Feb 2022, 10:44 AM edit delete reply
Jen, no!!
Jeez, do the Doyles have a "making bad decisions" gene or something!?
lirvilas 2nd Feb 2022, 7:09 PM edit delete reply
oh my god yes

but then again, I'm sure you know a few people irl who share that trait
Spelledeg 3rd Feb 2022, 7:22 AM edit delete reply
Oh no, I see a train crash in the making.

Especially with how pregnant the Doyles get, unless she's had her tubes tied??
lirvilas 3rd Feb 2022, 11:10 AM edit delete reply
Your fears are warranted. But fear is a powerful ally.

Jen Doyle has not had that procedure, unlike someone else.

BlueDragon 1st Jun 2022, 10:40 PM edit delete reply
Oh...come on Jen! Don't get drawn into this insanity.

lirvilas 1st Jun 2022, 11:10 PM edit delete reply
the only way to win is to not play

(y'all have probably heard that from me before)