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Infinite Scroll Mode Grinder$ coffee mugs and more!

Author Notes:

lirvilas 3rd Apr 2022, 5:01 PM edit delete
aw, Donna found a(n opposite sex) friend!!

Thanks Jay! Because thowaway characters are the best characters--no commitment, no fear!


vote incentive updated as promised, yes I front load these during a month
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Microraptor 3rd Apr 2022, 5:07 PM edit delete reply
For Donna its like looking into a gender flipping mirror...
lirvilas 4th Apr 2022, 10:35 PM edit delete reply
a grubby, small-time mirror

I know too many Dekes
Jay042 3rd Apr 2022, 5:17 PM edit delete reply
More like Cantaloupes to Vienna sausage.
lirvilas 4th Apr 2022, 10:36 PM edit delete reply
yes yes the issue of drunk grub will come up in the next comic
KidCthulhu 3rd Apr 2022, 6:11 PM edit delete reply
That's what she said...
lirvilas 4th Apr 2022, 10:36 PM edit delete reply
mind you, Donna approves of Deke's liquor stash
sigpig 4th Apr 2022, 8:44 AM edit delete reply
I am shocked. SHOCKED I say, that you didn't take advantage of this page's number (2-069) to draw something silly.
Of course, there are two bodies of both sexes in that room - and three of them have already been involved (on-screen) sexually.

That could very easily turn into 2 69s... lol
lirvilas 4th Apr 2022, 10:39 PM edit delete reply
OK, I'll admit I did a "420" page but that's because it fit

which is not to say that two 69's wouldn't fit here

but the point is I'm not going to be constrained by numerology

also I did draw pornography last night, and it was good, and I am going to charge people to see it