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lirvilas 11th May 2020, 8:23 PM edit delete reply
There's that old saying about how good subordinates make things easy for their boss... does that apply here?!


Hey, checkitout--fan art from the marvelous Spelledeg!


getcha grind on
jamie59 11th May 2020, 8:28 PM edit delete reply
Great conversation for when you're holding a bottle of lighter fluid.
lirvilas 11th May 2020, 8:30 PM edit delete reply
"thank you for reading today's comic, in which Donna does nothing to dispel hurtful stereotypes of redheads"
Mrremoraman 11th May 2020, 8:43 PM edit delete reply
I dunno. Donna has so far out-maneuvered everybody else who has tried to "burn" her (ha ha). I don't know what would make Hank special.
lirvilas 11th May 2020, 10:19 PM edit delete reply
re: Hank's special powers

Pre-diabetes and hypertension!
dellcartoons 12th May 2020, 5:45 AM edit delete reply
Wouldn't be surprised if that actually is her middle name
lirvilas 13th May 2020, 10:54 PM edit delete reply
Ha ha ha it might as well be!
Microraptor 12th May 2020, 10:03 AM edit delete reply
I have heard of "burning bridges" - but Donna is still standing on said bridge!

(This is a very pyromaniac-y page...)
sigpig 12th May 2020, 4:32 PM edit delete reply
These are the only Bridgeburners that matter: https://malazan.fandom.com/wiki/Bridgeburners
(I can send you a pretty good link, if you wish).
Microraptor 12th May 2020, 6:19 PM edit delete reply
Personally, Donna reminds me here of Belkar in this OOTS page ...
lirvilas 13th May 2020, 10:56 PM edit delete reply
@sig: fascinating source material, in another life I’d be a total dice tossing DM

@MR: now there’s a comic I haven’t seen in a while
NeilKapit 14th May 2020, 3:13 AM edit delete reply
Hank sounds like the male equivalent of the Karen
lirvilas 14th May 2020, 11:43 AM edit delete reply
he's married to Karen

(thanks for the character development recommendation)
BlueDragon 15th Jun 2020, 8:48 PM edit delete reply
Never say anything incriminating over phone or e-mail. I mean, everything else could still be recording you in our glorious modern day panopticon...but why make it easy for your bosses XD

Aw man, that fan art is great! Now I want to draw Donna! I am gonna do it. But don't hold your breath waiting, because I'm slow as kingdom come (seriously, I think I told Lomcia like last year I was gonna give her fan art, and I just got to it this year. I should just keep my mouth shut and surprise people.)
lirvilas 15th Jun 2020, 9:02 PM edit delete reply
surprises are the best, I'll forget you said anything

but seriously, I probably will forget, my mind is getting yanked in multiple directions

apologies for the PM, it was lame, I'll go back to being the Big Tuff Strong Webcomics-

you know what, I'm gonna stop, my urge to turn that into an acronym will just waste hours I don't have
BlueDragon 15th Jun 2020, 9:34 PM edit delete reply
My dude, don't worry about it. I think tough people talk. ;)