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lirvilas 9th Sep 2022, 11:23 PM edit delete
you ever hear this one

"you know why Donna could be a spaceship?"

"It's because she's airtight"
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Jaycee Storm 10th Sep 2022, 2:02 AM edit delete reply
Jaycee Storm
Yeah, she's literally fucked everyone at that company
lirvilas 10th Sep 2022, 5:48 PM edit delete reply
Well, they’re rebranding soon so she probably needs to do it again…

There’s a non-zero chance that Donna winds up in charge of all this.
jamie59 10th Sep 2022, 6:16 AM edit delete reply
Time for that Tramp Stamp that says Morale Booster.
lirvilas 10th Sep 2022, 8:27 AM edit delete reply
that phrase was in the original (and possibly better) punchline: "At least I'm good for morale!"
lirvilas 10th Sep 2022, 5:49 PM edit delete reply
Check out the new voting incentive
jamie59 10th Sep 2022, 6:07 PM edit delete reply
That shirt sure looks like it's going to have a lot of trouble staying up.
lirvilas 10th Sep 2022, 11:54 PM edit delete reply
normally I'm not a fan of poorly sized t-shirts however I'm sure we can all make a case-by-case exception
Microraptor 10th Sep 2022, 7:08 AM edit delete reply
Donna claims that she can sell anything.
But if she tried to sell me a chastity belt ("I use that product all the time myself!"), I wouldn't find that very convincing...
lirvilas 10th Sep 2022, 1:41 PM edit delete reply
I've personally made the sale for products I haven't used.

The way you do that is "don't be dumb like me--you should use this far superior product"

So don't assume that she wouldn't easily sell chastity belts by the case
Nunya 10th Sep 2022, 7:54 AM edit delete reply
I can see why Donna was so convinced she would be screwing the boss. He looks to be the only one not already on her conquest list. Of course, I do get the feeling there could be some metaphorical anal coming her way.

*Grin* OK, you got the fifth star today for the airtight comment. Nicely drawn by the way.
lirvilas 10th Sep 2022, 5:46 PM edit delete reply
Who needs metaphors?! Lol
Stever 10th Sep 2022, 1:17 PM edit delete reply
Her behavior is... consistent :D
lirvilas 10th Sep 2022, 5:46 PM edit delete reply
It’s good to be reliable!
KidCthulhu 10th Sep 2022, 6:37 PM edit delete reply
Three at once?! Now that's a team-building exercise!
lirvilas 10th Sep 2022, 11:53 PM edit delete reply
I feel really bad for the guy who took a "personal day", he fucking missed out

seriously, those analysts needed some love