The Godstrain (exerpt) features Boogey Man, a creation of Call Me Tom. Also known in my other comics as Bravo Mike, the Basic Model, and the Biological Machine, it is a nigh-unstoppable killing machine with a weakness for Strong Female Protagonists.

Kaza's Mate Gwenna is the product of the persistent and pervasive mind of Jay042. Covering the exploits of Buranda's Lady of the Jungle who ditched a life of high society for the raw beauty of the African wilderness, this comic features wide ranging crossovers, hilarious confrontations with everyone from poachers to Santa Claus, and extensive nudity!

Now Hiring is an 80's crime thriller where a caustic crime lord with old debts and an alien migrant (think "dark elves from space") meet at the crossroads of danger and opportunity. This is a finely crafted product of my good friend Spelledeg, check it out!

Cryptida is part Raiders of the Lost Ark, part Jurassic Park, part Duck Tales... the adventures of the Department of Cryptozoology are an ongoing work. See Childhood's End (completed) and Playground (completed) for extended canon crossovers with author Microraptor's comic!

Theater of the Bloody Tongue and Ariane's Private Place document the ongoing extra-dimensional travels of doom witch (and exotic performer) Ariane! Check out her appearance in Donna's household here!


Tangentville is a long-running sequel to Jersey Shore comic detailing all sorts of hijinks that I think you'll like! Extradimensional doppelgangers, internet gaming action, and high school drama all collide in this town!

Long running, epic, and with a huge reader base, Data Chasers sets the bar very very high. This is an ongoing work.

Modern civilization falls in Dark Horse and it is up to the fae and their allies to resist the dark impulses unleashed by crisis. This is an ongoing work.

Spying with Lana is goals. Here's the main site. All of it is unapologetically NSFW!

Alvery Nerveaux's Secret Case Files is an ongoing spy comedy of one of Donna's (hopefully soon-to-be) customers! Kinda makes you wonder what Maerc MARSEC is in the business of manufacturing, doesn't it?

Autumn Bay is a weird place where the conspiracies are just the tip of the iceberg. Authors Professor Etheric and Sarah Sophia are stand up people, and they have many, many stories to tell of this amazing city, so much so that I have canonically borrowed it as a setting on numerous occasions. This work is on hiatus.

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